The Black Eagle COVID-Safe Charter

As part of Directional Aviation, one of the world’s leading private aviation groups, Black Eagle has an unrivalled approach to private jet charter safety. And that has now extended to minimising the risk of COVID-19 exposure for passengers on our flights.

Working to the best practice industry guidelines supplied by EASA, we have developed the following minimum standards for our flights.

The Black Eagle COVID-Safe Charter means you can expect the following on all our flights:

1) Pre-flight

Our 24/7 Client Services team will ensure your flight documentation is completed efficiently before your flight, with the goal of minimising your time moving through the FBO or private jet terminal. This includes clearing customs and immigration in advance where possible. If there is an unexpected delay to your flight (such as an air traffic slot) you will be informed immediately, giving you the choice to arrive at the airport just prior to your new departure time.

Where possible, we will also arrange for you to remain in your car and for it to be escorted to the aircraft steps.

2) Aircraft cleaning

All surfaces in your aircraft cabin will have been deep cleaned prior to your flight, by a specialist cleaning team.

The majority of European operators in our network treat their aircraft with Bacoban – the industry-leading disinfection product, which gives long lasting protection from bacteria, fungi and viruses by leaving a sterile, ultra-thin and non-toxic film on surfaces. Additionally, after each passenger flight the cabin is cleaned at least once, and sealed prior to the arrival of the next set of passengers.

3) Crew health checks

Your aircraft crew will have been tested for both the antibody and COVID-19 virus on a frequent basis. Twice a day the crew will check and record their temperature and oxygen levels, and will be removed from duty if these are above 37 degrees or below 95% oxygen. Your crew will have avoided airline travel as much as operationally possible and engage in strict social distancing during their off-duty periods.

4) Boarding protocol

You will be exposed to as few human interactions as are legally and practically possible before entering the aircraft. Your crew will not attempt to shake your hands and will be wearing masks during the boarding phase. For your safety we recommend you handle your own luggage if that’s possible. Where assistance is required the ground handlers will wear gloves.

5) During your flight

When it is not required for safety, we will give you the option of not having a flight attendant in the cabin. If a flight attendant is onboard, you can decide if they wear a face mask for the entire duration of the flight or only during the service periods. It is your choice if you would like to remove your face covering during the flight.

Catering during the flight can be provided on a self-service basis so the crew do not serve food or drinks during the flight. Our Client Services team will discuss and agree this with you before your flight.

6) Disembarking

After landing you will be escorted at a safe distance to your awaiting transport, minimising interactions with crew and airport staff.

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